But... Why Fandoms?


Her sophomore year of college Tezeta, with the help of an additional 5 friends, was able to create an organization that would change the lives of many. Fandom Society was created, and before she knew it, Tezeta had helped create THE largest gathering of freaks, nerds, dorks, weirdos, and outcasts the university had ever seen. Fandom Society was the only place on campus everyone knew that people weren’t going to be judged, looked down on, or thought of differently due to their specific interests. Very quickly, it was obvious that Tezeta was known as “the go to person” to talk all things fandom with on campus. People would stop her and regurgitate their favorite fandoms, theories, ideas and thoughts (even if they had never spoken two words to her before). After graduating from college and moving to Minnesota Tezeta began missing the support and comfortability she had gained from being apart of Fandom Society. Two years and lots of support from friends later, Tezeta was ready to reclaim her title as “That Go-To Fandom Gal”, and thus the birth of Let’s Talk Fandoms Podcast!

About the Host

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Tezeta Gant (She/Her)


Tezeta is the; creator, director, producer, editor and host of Let's Talk Fandoms Podcast.

After leading an army of geeks, freaks, nerds and outcasts, by starting a Fandom based organization on her college campus (back in 2016 her sophomore year), she was opened to the endless examples and possibilities of exploring Fandom Culture, the many different Fandom Communities and billions upon billions of different fandoms that existed. College was a great place for Tezeta to expand her knowledge of the Fandom world/realm. It allowed her to connect with different people, learn about new topics that were deemed "strange, odd, or unnecessary". With the hit of COVID-19 and now out of a job, I found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands and no way to fill that time (beyond the initial loneliness and streaming/binging). Starting a podcast was something I had never really taken an interest in, but I wanted a way to connect with old friends again. Hosting a podcast that allowed people to fully dump all of their excitement, energy, and enjoyment into their latest passion project, tv show, or weirdest reads was something I was used to and wanted more of. So, a year in the making and a lot of help some some absolutely fantastic and talented people (I'm looking at all those who have ever been a guest on my podcast). This podcast has allowed me to talk about some topics that some might deem "unnecessary or inappropriate to