May 1, 2021

Let's Talk Dungeons and Dragons w/ Hunter Diehl: Resources, Links, Research Materials, References, and More

Here you will find the different Recourses, Links, Research Material, References
and more.

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DND Deyond
This is you GO TO place for all things Dungeons and Dragons. This website might be a bit intimidating for beginners, but it has A LOT of really useful, helpful, and fun information for learning and exploring the world of D&D.

Basics to D&D 
Want to learn more about the ever expanding world of Dungeons and Dragons? Gain a better understanding for the striped down basics to D&D with

Articles for New D&D Players: gives even more links, references and material for up and coming D&D players.

Next Level (After learning the rules)
Still not ready to venture on your own? To be honest, I wasn't either at this point. After learning the basics to D&D, checkout for some additional beginner - novice information.
Now you are ready! Want to join in the world of D&D but maybe you aren't sure where to start? is a great stepping stone to getting started with a custom campaign (along side hundreds others).

Curse of Strahd:
This is the exact D&D book Hunter recommends on the podcast.

Tabletop for Teens:
Utah based non-profit organization: Their primary focus is to provide "at risk" youth with opportunities to learn and grow through the unique setting of tabletop gaming. One can donate, sign up to their newsletter, or get involved.

The Christian Defense to Dungeons and Dragons:
Hunter talked about how his Christian School upbringing heavily discouraged Dungeons and Dragons being targeted towards their students. gives some really great facts, ideas and thing to think about when it comes to religion and Role Playing and/or Table Top games.

How Dungeons and Dragons Somehow Became More Popular than Ever
Gendy Alimurung from the Washington Post (article).

In a Chaotic World, Dungeons and Dragons is Resurgent
Ethan Gilsdorf from the New York Times (article).

Needs Met Through Role Playing Games: A Fantasy Analysis of Dungeons & Dragons PDF
Aubris S Adams from the University of California, Santa Barbara (19 pages).

Dungeons and Dragons and Literacy PDF
Stefanie L. B. Kaylor from the University of Northern Iowa wrote a Graduate Research Paper on Teenagers Literacy Skills and Reading Interests (47 pages).

How ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ primes students for Interdisciplinary Learning, Including STEM
Article by Paul Darvasi from

Dungeons & Dragons: The Use of a Fantasy Game in the Psychotherapeutic Treatment of a Young Adult PDF
Wayne Blackmon from George Washington University (10 Pages).

Tabletop Role-Playing Games and Social Skills in Young Adults: PDF 
Lily Spinelli from Pace University, Honors College (40 pages).

Therapy & Dragons: A look into the Possible Applications of Table Top Role Playing Games in Therapy with Adolescents: PDF
Raul Gutierrez from California State University, San Bernardino (49 page).

How Dungeons and Dragons Benefits College Students: Word Document
Kyle Gerrard Jacinto (13 Pages).

The Reality of Role-Playing Games: How Players Construct Reality through Language PDF
Jessica Carlson from Minnesota State University, Mankato (22 Pages).