May 1, 2021

Let's Talk Positive Female Role Models w/ Grace Hinkle: Resources, Links, Research Materials, References, and More

Here you will find the different Recourses, Links, Research Material, References
and more.

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Female Role Models in Young Adult Fiction: The Cheshire Library Blog
Sharon Tyler from Cheshire Public Library lists specific books, the females role models and in them, and why they classify them as role models.

Female Characters as Role Models in Young Adult Literature: PDF Article
Julia Stamper from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville (27 Pages).

Best Female Role Models for Young Girls: Good
100 Books filled with great female role models as voted on by over 500 people.

Pippi Longstocking - Rebel Role Model: Sweden Sverige - The Swedish Institute
As written by Lena Granefelt 

Forever a Rebel Role Model: Pippi Longstocking at 75:  Made for Minds (

Pippi Longstocking: American Swedish Institute (Pippi Longstocking Website)
A great website for kids and adults of all ages who like creating and crafts.

Nancy Drew Video Games: ( (Female Positive Video Game Online Store)

Nancy Drew Mystery Series (Entire Collection):

Why Nancy Drew is an Ideal Role Model for Today’ Girls (and Boys):
Linda Fairstein: The Washington Post

Why Nancy Drew is STILL an Amazing Role Model:
Kerry Winfrey:

Nancy Drew: 30’s Sleuth, 90’s Role Model:
Patricia Leigh Brown: The New York Times

Why Nancy Drew Should be Every Girl’s Role Model:
Kristen Cavalleri:

Strong Female Characters in Recent Children's Literature:
Pat Heine, Christine Inkster, Frank Kazemek, Sandra Williams, Sylvia Raschke, and Della Stevens: PDF (8 Pages)