March 24, 2021

Let's Talk Boy Bands w/ Brooke Erickson

I know. You know. We all know and have heard about some of the worlds most famous Boy Bands; Backstreet Boys, NYSNC, and The Jackson Five, BTS, Super Junior, The Jonas Brothers, and many more, but how do you identify a Boy Band? Brooke and I talk about our first introductions to Boy Bands and who introduces us into the teen bopping, heart throbbing, poster hanging world of Boy Bands! We go real deep into our thoughts, ideas and wants when it comes to identifying and defining "What Makes a Boy Band". Would you consider All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Black Sabbath, ect (all male bands) to be classified as Boy Bands? If not, WHY? Brooke and I discuss what ever happened to some of our favorite boys after the band broke-up. As always, we get a bit off topic and discuss some of our worst experiences at concerts, how Brooke got punched and how I got dropped. We keep the vibes up while remembering the 90's and early 2000's with some great music suggestions throughout the episode.

Cover Art: @psych_a_relic, Intro Music: @ririretro. Find our guest Brooke Erickson on; Instagram @LorittaBrooke, business Instagram @HomeandHoneySuckleBTQ, Youtube Channel @BrookeErickson, and Twitter @ShutUpBrooke.  Remember to #KeepTalkingFandoms with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!

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