Dec. 8, 2021

Lets Talk Cooking Competition Shows w/ Lee-Sean Huang

Food has and will always be a major staple in everybody's life. As humans, we need food to keep us constantly active and living. Even if you aren't the most "food educated" we all have feelings and conversations about food. Along with this, the idea of watching somebody else cook has been a growing phenomenon for many decades. The ability to watch someone else make an exquisite (or even simple) dish that later you could attempt to replicate in your own home is exciting and can make food more enjoyable.  Cooking shows have been the corner stone to educational television since their conception. Later cooking shows would became repolarized with the technology boom of the early 2,000's. With heavy hitters such as; Julia Child, Jamie Oliver, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart and many more. It is no wonder the world fell in love with food through the screen.

This week I am talking with Lee-Sean Huang, a food lover in his own right. We hangout and talk about how food and the ability (or lack of abilities) to cook shaped our childhoods. We discuss how food played a major role culturally, along with how we we observe different calibrations and festivities depending on the food options (if their are any at all). We really get into the topic of Competitive Cooking Shows and what does it actually mean to be a contestant on one. What are the crazy tactics TV Programs are taking in order to keep peoples attention when cooking. Are they loosing the thing viewers love most of the shows (learning how to cook), or are they targeting an audience that is less interested in learning and more interested in the shock value of the competition?

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