March 10, 2021

Let's Talk D&D with Hunter Diehl

Hey! Being creative is an amazing and powerful thing, and with the Pandemic continuing, it is more important than ever to keep ourselves occupied and entertained. This week, I sat down with Hunter Diehl and got introduced into the ever expanding world of Dungeons and Dragons. Hunter is an avid gamer, creator and world maker, having hosted a multitude of different D&D campaigns for the last 5+ years, and he even DM'd my first campaign (that I was able to fully get through).

In this episode Hunter and I talk about; our first experiences with D&D, the Do's - and - Don'ts of D&D, why it is important to have a consent form for each character and campaign, and what it means to be a positive and thriving Dungeon Master. We leave you with some additional questions about society and media's input on Dungeons and Dragons and how it is making a positive comeback in "mainstream media". As always, we suggest a large amount of D&D videos, podcast, and websites for our beginners and our more advanced players. 

Cover Art: @psych_a_relic, Intro Music: @ririretro. Find our guest, Hunter Diehl on Twitter @HunterDiehl8, website Remember to #KeepTalkingFandoms with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!

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