April 7, 2021

Let's Talk Fan-Art w/ Connie He

Remember those times in elementary school, when you should have been listening to your teacher, but you were doodling SpongeBob (Sponge Bob Square Pants), Jenny (My Life as a Teenage Robot), or even Cosmo and Wanda (The Fairly Odd Parents)? That my friend was your introduction into Fan-Art! This episode I got the chance to talk with one of the most creative people I know, Connie He! We talk about her introduction to Fan-Art at a very young age and how the work she is doing today has shaped a lot of her own artistic expression. We discuss what it means to create Fan-Art and the different things we classify as Fan-Art! We take a look at different Parody Videos/Music, Morphing and Distorting Drawings, Popular Song Recreations, Live Action Films, and even Funko-Pops. Would you consider all of these to be Fan-Art or none? Help us identify and learn more about Fan-Art by showing us what you consider to be Fan-Art. What are some of your favorites to look at? 

Cover Art: @psych_a_relic, Intro Music: @ririretro. Find our guest Connie He on; Instagram @Connie_He, and on their Website @ConnieHe7.com Remember to #KeepTalkingFandoms with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!

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Connie He Profile Photo

Connie He

Pixar Animator

Connie He is an animation Director/Story Artist working in Los Angels, CA. She has directed an animated short film "Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale" which can be viewed on her website. With 20+ long years of passion, dedication, and anticipation for a professional career in anime and animation, Connie loves to draw and enjoys fan art.