Aug. 25, 2021

Let's Talk LGBTQIA+ History in Entertainment Media

Alight, we are all wildly aware of the toxic and over drawn stereotypes that have plagued the LGBTQIA+ community when it comes to creating a "gay character" in a books, films, tv shows, ect. Well, we are fed up with these "larger than life" and incredibly damaging stereotypes that seem to paint all LGBTQIA+ characters as one note.

This week I invited some who I have admired for a long time due to their history and education within the LGBTQIA+ field. Not only are they a constant active activist in the community, but they have expanded my own ideas of what is truly means to be an ally for gay culture, gay representation. Lennon Gross joins us to talk through our collective history of knowledge when it comes to gay culture and how entertainment media has represented LGBTQIA+ characters, celebrities and TV personals. We go deep into our brains to pull out information from over 50 years ago, and discuss how characters and TV personalities were represented, treated and even poorly written. Now, we also make sure to point our the many changes we have seen (positively and negatively) in the last 10+ years that have really helped me move inclusion and diversity when it comes to gay characters forward. We made sure to point our some "heavy hitters" that really helped pave the way and put a stamp on history for some newer and more inclusive shows/films.

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