June 2, 2021

Let's Talk Our Writing Process w/ Kevin Greene

Okay okay okay! So I keep mentioning and bringing up this book/series I am currently working on. Since I have brought it up nearly every episode, I thought it might be a good time to finally give you all a bit more information about what I am working on. The best part... I got the chance to talk with a really creative, kind, and open author about their writing process and it turns outs that we have A LOT in common.

Kevin Green joins us on the podcast this episode as we dive deeper into our beginnings of writing. We discuss how we bonded over dreams, how we "came-up" with our book ideas, and even how we see ourselves as creatives. When it comes to writing or being a host on a podcast, would you call yourself an expert in that field, maybe an author, or a podcaster? Kevin Greene and I have a lot of thoughts on how we refer to ourselves when others ask. We gave A LOT to say when it comes to; self doubt, outside feedback/encouragement, and how to FINALLY decide when to tell others about your newest project. Being creative can be hard, but when you stick with it something magical can truly happen.

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Kevin Greene

Self Published Author / Graphic Designer

Kevin Greene is a graphic artist and writer. Born in Brooklyn NY, Kevin went to the High School of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts. Kevin has done caricatures for magazines and entertainment sites and also logo and graphic design for companies and individuals. He's also written two books, one a mystery and the other science fiction and has also published an art book of sci-fi caricatures. All are available on Amazon.