Nov. 10, 2021

Let's Talk Sharing Fandoms with Families w/ Jennifer and Patrick Joy

For some people we share EVERYTHING with our families and for others we are more reserved, but Fandoms are something that are universally passed down through generations (even if we don't initially think so). When we think about the music we heard around the house, the first time we went to the cinema, or even our first Sunday morning cartoon sessions. Most of these are directly chosen or influenced by our parents, cousins, grandparents and even siblings. It is obvious that even if later in life we don't outwardly share our Fandoms with our family, it is clear that we do share them with our chosen family. Our partners, friends, and children. How many times have your heard some one (or maybe even said yourself) "I can't wait to show xxx this!" I usually hear it from friends about their future children. In the same way that we share meme's, videos, and articles our families shared records, VHS' and original shows.

I got to sit down with Jennifer and Patrick Joy this episode and dive into their own history with Fandoms from when they were young kids. They also give us a lot of insight on their own ideas of expressing and sharing their Fandom interests with their own children. Expressing how they try and balance between encouragement and excitement when sharing their interests with Reagan and Rianna Joy.

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