Jan. 13, 2021

Let's Talk Video Games w/ Nick Lanier

Hey! Remember the very first video game you ever played as a kid? I remember sitting in the den with my brother, on a dinge old couch, as we played 007 on our new Game Cube. This week I sit down with Nick Lanier and talk all things Video Games. We learn about how Nick's dad introduced him to Video Games, and Nick's thoughts on Video Games have changed in the last 20 years and what it means to be "a good player". Nick teaches us a lot about the Video Games community with Speed Running, Building Computers, Video Games that got made into movies (and vise versa) and so much more. We talk about our LOVE for Pokémon cards (despite never playing with them, or even knowing how). We look at the positives and negatives of video games including Swatting and large scale charity competitions.

Cover Art: @psych_a_relic, Intro Music: @ririretro.Find our guest, Nicholas Lanier on Instagram @questercosplay. Remember to #KeepTalkingFandoms with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!

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Let's Talk Video Games