Sept. 8, 2021

Lets Talk World Building with Jody Aberdeen:

In this day and age, you would be hard pressed to find someone who had never heard of the sport Quidditch, known why a Vampire's skin sparkles, or what the Hunger Games are. All of these creates have designed a world that is bigger and much longer lasting than themselves. Even when it comes to the most novice of fans, we can all agree that there are just some fantast worlds that have imparted peoples real lives. We know how conventions where people can come together, talk about these worlds, characters, and elements as if they had experienced it first hand. Many colleges and universities around the world have had Quidditch as a sanctioned and recognized sports, while multiple high schools around the UK and Canada have changed the name of many classes to appeal to a fandom filled audience (ex. Botany - Herbology, Chemistry - Potions). Now beyond all of this, we have to think about how it all started, where it all started, and who started it?

My guest this week is Jody Aberdeen. He is a an author, story consultant and a professional ghost writer. He sits with me to talk about how to start creating, building, and outlining a new world. What does it take to create the magical world of Harry Potter, or the horrific reality of a government who implements the Hunger Games? How do we, as average joes, makes something out of nothing?

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