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What a Gem!

Stumbling onto this podcast was pure luck! If you happen to stumble onto this review, check out the "Female Role Models" episode, so much fun to listen to.!


Can we talk about this FANTASTIC guests they are having on this show. I mean HOT DIGGITY DOG!!!

Fun, Fresh, and Real

The host always keep the topics exciting, while keeping the conversations organic! It almost feel like conversations I have had with my own friends!

Such Great Guests!!!

Listened to the Fan-Fiction episode and fell head-over-heels for Megan. Love how she explains and positively represents a female writer. If you listen to any of these episodes, definitely listen to parts 1 and 2.

Top Notch Show!

Oh my gosh! What a fun and exciting podcast to listen to! I ended up binging all their episodes in a week and can't wait to hear the next topic. Keep it up mate!