Nov. 30, 2020

Trailer for Let's Talk Fandoms, where we talk about all things Fandoms

Hey there! Thanks for considering Let's Talk Fandoms in your podcast rotation! That's FAN-TASTIC, thank you so much! This trailer will give you a sense of what to expect throughout the podcast. Also, as a general warning, this is a podcast about all things FANDOM, there will be HEAVY spoilers in each episode. If you are 100% in the dark and want to remain as such, you might want to read, watch, listen and/or observe the topic discussed beforehand. Finally, if you are a current listener and you are recommending this podcast to friends, family, neighbors, and/or dogs alike, thank you so much! We really apricate all of our listeners and welcome all newcomers into the community. Check out Let's Talk Fandoms to stay updated on new episodes and additional content. Enjoy the rest of your day, and remember to keep talking fandoms! --- Support this podcast: